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Manufactured Home Contest

MMHA is holding a contest for the best Manufactured Homes! Each salesperson can enter multiple contestants with homes that have been sold from January 2019 to the present with the best-landscaped exteriors and interiors. 

  • Salesperson will receive $1,000 for submitting the winning contestant.

  • Homeowners will receive $2,500 if chosen and interviewed for a testimony video showcasing their home.  

  • Winning Retailer will receive a free customized testimony video of the winner to use for advertising.

How to Enter:

  1. The salesperson will contact homeowners and obtain a permission form and home photos to enter the contest. (permission form is available below) 

  2. Contestants can photograph the home exterior/interior and send them to the salesperson to submit or the salesperson can take photos themself. 

  3. The salesperson then Emails the homeowner's permission form and photos to Blakeley Yancey at


Salesperson/Community Guidelines:

  1. MMHA salesperson may enter multiple customers for the Manufactured Home contest. The salesperson who submits a winning contestant will receive $1,000 and the customer chosen will win $2,500. 

  2. Entries must be completed by August 4, 2023, and submitted by the salesperson/community owner.

  3. It is the responsibility of the salesperson to contact their homeowner and obtain approval (see submission form for the homeowner)  to enter their home into the contest and to obtain photos from the homeowner. 

  4. Entries must be customers who purchased a home from January 2020, to the present. (Last 3 Years) 

  5. A committee will judge the entries submitted and one winner per region will be announced.

  6. Winners of the contest will be interviewed by MMHA representatives and will sign a release form for MMHA to use their stories and images of their homes for promotional purposes.

  7. Winners will be issued payment upon receipt of the required signed tax documents and signed release form.

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