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When buying any home, you need to do your research to ensure you make the right choice to meet your needs. By understanding how to shop for and maintain a manufactured home, homeownership is closer and easier than ever before. 

The exterior of your home can match any style, from traditional ranch homes, cozy log cabins, chalets to coastal retreats. You can choose from a variety of exterior designs in both single and multi-section homes with a shingle or metal roof. Siding comes in an array of custom colors and materials including, vinyl, metal, wood, and masonry siding.  Attached garages are available as well as awnings, patio covers, decks, and steps. Industry innovations are changing the way you look at manufactured homes.

Inside manufactured homes, you have complete freedom to design your home. Choose from modern amenities and upgrades, such as granite counters, vaulted ceilings, custom closet organization, wood-burning fireplaces, energy-efficient appliances, and hardwood floors. Choose from floor plans that are designed to maximize space that fits your lifestyle. 



Before buying a manufactured home, homeowners need to have land and a foundation to put their new house on, as the manufacturers do not sell the house with the land. Manufactured homeowners can place their new home on land leased from a manufactured home community or place their home on land they own. For a list of our manufactured home communities click here.


Manufactured homes are changing and are not the mobile homes of the past. Homes today are of quality construction, design, and innovation, increasing the longevity of the home. Along with manufactured homes being a viable solution to the growing housing crisis, this has driven demand for more traditional home loans for manufactured homes.

Many types of financial institutions and service companies like banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and consumer finance companies offer loan programs. These companies can offer a number of types of consumer, conventional and government-insured financings like HUD-backed FHA loans, VA loans, USDA/Rural Development, and lenders who offer more traditional chattel loans and mortgages to home buyers as well. 



All new manufactured homes come with a One year written warranty, which states specific obligations of the manufacturer and retailer. Manufactured Homes offer energy-efficient building packages which help reduce utility expenses. Just like any other home, manufactured homes need tender love and care to ensure they remain a safe, long-lasting living space. Once placed and inspected, routine maintenance should be done on the home.  



For information on home inspections and regulations contact the MS State Fire Marshal's Office:

601-359-1061 or go online at

Find a retailer near you and step inside your dream home.

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